Thursday, July 23, 2009

Member Feature: Boutique*Nrf*Ny

Fun, Flirty, Fashionable can only describe these darling styles from Alev, the Designer behind Boutique*Nrf*Ny

Readers might be surprised to know that Alev is Turkish, she moved to the United States many, many years ago--after finishing college for advanced studies at Parson college and ended up making New York home after meeting and marrying her husband, the love of her life. Alev is known not only for her unique sewing skills, she says she's also a great listener, "You can tell me all your secrets" and she's sure to keep them safe. After talking with Alev it's easy to see why her friends would confide in her: charming, witty, and easy going is the vibe, though Alev does have a sense of humor too. WisteriaLane is glad to have Alev on board, she's a true team player.

Not only does Alev have a great variety of designs and selection on ebay, you can also find her adorable designs on etsy, here's a quick link.

In honor of Alev's Turkish heritage, we've decided to share a Turkish recipe for Macaroni cake. Macaroni also happens to be an American Fave...much like Alev, it's a perfect blend of both cultures and I can't wait to give it a go, hope you enjoy. :)

Be sure to watch for more Designer Features.
WisteriaLane is also proud to welcome newest member: *LaDesigns* to the WisteriaLane home front! She's a dynamic designer and we're proud to have her on board!

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Lindsey said...

I love her dresses, they're amazing! My daughter has one and it's her favorite and my favorite by far. :-)

kirazzade said...

Cok Guzel olmuslar.