Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Change is on the Horizon for WisteriaLane...

And it's EXCITING!!! We have some wonderful new members to share with you soon!

Some things will never change with WisteriaLane...what you can count on to be consistant is our commitment to quality designs with professional workmanship, dedication to providing the best customer service around and the enthusiasm we have for creating original custom boutique designs for dramatically stylish tots and moms world-wide!

Also watch for WisteriaLane LAUNCH to debut January 19th!

WisteriaLane Launch brings awesomely talented Designers from many different groups on ebay together for fun launches and collaborations...we can't wait for you to see what we have in store!

Search WisteriaLane Jan. 19th!

Are you Connected and in the Know??

If not, what are you waiting on?? Get connected today and stay in touch with boutique friends as well as make many new friends who share your passion for BOUTIQUE!

Boutique Connections is for Buyers, Designers, Resellers & Boutique Retail as well...it's a Great place to connect!

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